Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Randoms

I have a twenty minute drive to, "town", each morning for work.  This affords me many views, one of which this week was my accountant, in his pajamas, waiting with his son for the bus.  Small town life is all real.....all the time.  

Been looking for a White Moose?  Well....lucky you.  

A few sports photos for your enjoyment can be found here.  

A newborn with rollers in her hair, why of course.  

I happened upon this by accident, but I believe you will enjoy it.  

Linking up with Tanya.  
Have a great one.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful this Thursday for country roads, sunsets, and a good drive home.  It gets inconvenient living out in the country, but with views like this on the drive home, I can put up with it.  I just have to make sure we don't run out of milk :)  

What are you thankful for this Thursday?  Small things are just as important as the big things.  Link up and let me know!  

It's a Small Town Life

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Appalachian Word of the Day

gaum: n. mess (gom) ; also used as a transitive verb: to "gaum up" 

A back alley here in Smalltownland.  

Here I am on Tuesday, still reflecting on Sunday.  The guys were planning their trip, which is to Colorado to hunt Elk, and had all of their, "things", spread out in the house.  The husband said it would be put back in the closet, but I have yet to see that happen.  

Yet, to see that happen, I say. 

This is on top of all the regular, "things", that get placed around the house.  


Life is good, but it comes with a lot of gaum.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

News on Sunday

The men of the house are planning and scheming.  They have a hunting trip planned for this fall, out west.  Maps are being perused, routes are being planned, and equipment is being purchased.  

They will be driving out west, hiking into their assigned area, and setting up camp.  This makes me a little bit nervous, but they are excited about their upcoming adventure.  Not to be outdone, the ladies of the house, (me and the girl), will be taking our own adventurous trip next spring.  More details will be upcoming.  

We have a plethora of pears.  We use some ourselves, some go to the deer feed plot, and then we have an opossum visiting each night to eat the fallen pears.  

I came home from the grocery with a new box of dog biscuits.  After I passed them out, I found my Jack Russell behind our recliner with her biscuit.  Not where she usually sleeps, so I am guessing she was hiding....and protecting her treat.   

This is on the menu for tonight and making the house smell great.  This has been the music for the weekend, and even the husband enjoyed it.  

Make today a good one, won't you?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Randoms

Authentic petroglyphs from a hike in New Mexico.  

Interested in how to become a Geisha?  Here are a few photos of being an apprentice.  

I know a few Moms who feel just like her.  

Leavin' you with a bit of the Irish today.  

Linking up with Tanya today.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful this Thursday for things that happened this summer.    My son took a job that had him going to work in the late afternoon.  A change, for sure, but it meant he and I were home during the same time during the day.  This meant conversation on all levels and topics.  We watched a few TV shows together and cleared up all kinds of misunderstandings from life, family, and whatever.  

Quite possibly one of the most important things that happened this summer.  

What are you thankful for this Thursday?  Let me know!  Big or small, it doesn't matter.  Being thankful is the only important thing.

It's a Small Town Life

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To Mama be the Glory

When I was a kid I would spend time in the summers with my Mama Bird.  She was a woman who made a lot out of a little.  It didn't matter what the subject matter, she knew how to press on and make the most of it.  Let's start with her kitchen skills, shall we?  

She grew a garden, preserved everything she could and fed everyone who showed up at her table.  Three meals were made, per day, and not just a few side dishes, either.  A meat, vegetables, jams, sweet tea, lemonade, and biscuits were always on the table.  Whenever I would wake up at her house, biscuits were waiting for me.  Their preparation was never measured and never hurried.  

In later years she used Crisco, but early on she used lard.....the good stuff.  We will start with that for today.  

Measuring cups were never used.  A wooden bowl was taken out of a cupboard.  It contained flour and was kept covered with a flour sack.  A spoonful (?) of lard and a splash of milk were added to a well in the flour.  That was it and that is what I have here.  

She mixed it with her fingers until it was the consistency she wanted.  I mixed it a bit and determined it was too dry, thus a bit more full fat buttermilk was added.  I turned it out onto a floured surface and patted it out, careful not to work the dough too much.  

I cut the biscuits with a standard cutter that I bought at a store.  My Mama Bird used an old Beanie Weenie can.  I have a lot to learn.....

After I left a few fingerprints on the dough, I baked them on a stone with the sides touching.  This gives softer sides.  

The biscuits turned out delicious!  Tender, flaky and not overdone, I was satisfied with this first foray into the non-measuring lifestyle.  

One important note - my Mama Bird never left any detritus in her flour bowl.  There were never any bits of lard, dough, etc...  Her dough formation was precise.  She removed the dough and covered the bowl with the flour sack. All remaining flour was saved for the next time.   When I removed the dough from my bowl....well, there were bits of dough left.  

I still have some work to do.  

"Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits."  

Carl Sandburg